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Chameleon finally dumps Balaam, partners with Biggie events for his Gwanga Mujje concert


The partnership between Dr Jose Chameleon and Balaam finally ended after over 5 years of working together.

In 2020 a furious Chameleon vowed never to work with Barugahara Atenyi commonly known as Balaam after a leaked audio message

Balaam was heard tipping off URA officials to arrest Chameleone for driving a car without a number plate. This annoyed Chameleon who said Balaam betrayed him

As a result of that Chameleon vowed not to work with Balaam and his Balaam marketing and promotions agency.

On 29th August Chameleon announced a new partnership with Biggie events at a press conference that activated his Gwanga Mujje concert that will be held next year 2023 on February 10th.

The forever hit maker and Biggie events promised to put up a special show that will raise the bar for concerts in the country.

Like the last two Jose Chameleone concerts of Legend Hit after Hit (2017) and Legend Saba Saba (2018), the latest one Legend Gwanga Mujje will also be held at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

All eyes will now be on Biggie events who are somewhat new in organizing music concerts in the country to see how they handle the Biggest artist in the country come 10th February 2023.

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