I don’t like washing and I hate men who beat women. Faridah Nakazibwe tells admirers

Man Jose Kayima

NTV Uganda Presenter Faridah Nakazibwe has revealed the two things she hates in life.

Nakazibwe said that she doesn’t like washing and hates men who beat women

“I don’t like washing. From time immemorial I have never wanted to wash clothes. Ever since I started making my own money… Why wash yet I can hire someone to do it?.. My hand skin peels when I use detergent for a long time,” Nakazibwe said during one of the interview

The NTV Uganda news anchor, she also doesn’t want to marry a man who beats women.

“Even if you want to take me on…laughs…as a wife or something… there are two things I don’t like… I buy a washing machine or hire someone to wash… because I know my problem, I don’t want to wash.” Said Nakazibwe

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