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Bebe Cool is not a music legend. King Saha

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Mansoor Ssemanda alias King Saha has continued to attack Bebe Cool claiming that he is now among the music legends in the country.

Saha says that he does not consider Bebe Cool as a music legend and has hinted on writing him a song

“Bebe Cool is not a legend, I don’t consider him one. I know Chameleon, Bobi Wine, Afrigo, Chagga among others but not Bebe Cool.”

“I am ready to write Bebe Cool a song since his writers don’t know what they are doing. He needs my help for better music.” Said Saha

For starters, Bebe Cool told King Saha in 2019 to stop using drugs because they are ruining his music career.

Saha replied with a song Sala Puleesa nawe before adding Zakayo this year. Zakayo is now one of the most selling songs in the country.

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