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Video: Sheebah brags about the best part of her body

Zimula Abdul

Song bird Sheebah Karungi has revealed that she is super proud of her boobs and she is one of the people with the best pair of Adam’s apples.

In an interview with Spark TV, the self styled Swagga Mama exclaimed that their are people with amazing bodies and she is one of them.

“I can tell you for real, there are people with good bodies and I am one of them”

“I have one of the best pair of boobs and I am very proud of them, I am 32 years and turning 33 in November”.


Recently, Sheebah was into the news after she released a video of her self crying foul of a certain big man in the lad for having cuddled her body and for that we are sure, the guy couldn’t hesitate to feel the succulent boobs.

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