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Bbosa trashes Ebonies drama group splitting rumour

Man Jose Kayima

Sam Bagenda alias Dr.Bbosa, the CEO of Drama Group the Ebonies, has trashed rumours that they are no more.

Bbosa clarified on the issue and revealed why the Drama Group’s next shows

“Whoever claimed that we are splitting is just looking for popularity and likes on social media. I was told of the allegations by someone, but I must assure you that they are not true and we are even staging our show this coming Friday, September 16, we shall all be together.”

On the amount given to members in the group, Bbosa stated,

“Permanent staff earn per month, part-timers earn a favorable amount too.” Said Bbosa as quoted by Umoja Standard

The Ebonies is one of Uganda’s most successful and oldest stage drama group, started in 1977 with over four decades of entertaining Ugandans and the rest of the world.

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