Journalists who will take pornographic photos at Nyege Nyege should be arrested. Tamale Mirundi

Man Jose Kayima

Political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi Senior has called upon the Police of Uganda to arrest journalists who will take pornographic pictures at Nyege Nyege.

“I am one of the most qualified Journalists in the country and I call upon Police to arrest all Journalists who will take pornographic photos at Nyege Nyege. In journalism, we should be objective but you will find those Bukedde guys taking such photos.” Said Mirundi while appearing at Baaba TV on Thursday.

Meanwhile, government officials listed seven measures “to ensure the festival doesn’t breach Uganda’s laws and cultural/moral norms,” according to the press release. Minors (people below the age of 18) aren’t allowed to enter the festival, while sex orgies, nudity, contraband and narcotic drugs are banned.

Vulgar language, songs, expressions and gestures are also prohibited. Government authorities and security personnel will be allowed “the right of impromptu entry” to monitor activities. Any breaches will result in sanctions, prosecution and potential evacuation of the festival site, the press release warned.

These new guidelines were drawn up in response to recent concerns from the government about Nyege Nyege. One MP called it “a breeding ground for sexual immorality.” Early last week, parliament briefly stopped the festival from going ahead, before Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, recognising the vast tourism benefits, overturned the decision on the condition that the festival follow new guidelines.

Nyege Nyege 2022 will take place from September 15th through 18th at a new site on the banks of the River Nile, Itanda Falls.

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