Two men killed in fight over P.7 girl

Man Jose Kayima

Two men succumbed in the scuffle over a primary seven girl that each claimed was their lover.

The scuffle started when Dickson Okiror found his girlfriend (name withheld) with his colleague Umar Anapa at a drinking joint in Ngora Town on Sunday.

Okiror suspected that the two could be having an affair and started punching Anapa with several punches that left him unconscious.

Anapa was taken to Ngora hospital by revellers where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Anapa’s death annoyed his clansmen who decided to hunt for Okiror who had fled the scene to his house in Ngora Town Council.

Anapa’s clansmen found Okiror at his house and beat him to coma. He was admitted to Ngora Health Centre IV hospital, where he died due to several injuries.

Meanwhile, the primary seven girl who is said to be the lover to the two is on the run as investigations continue.

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