Clean your men immediately after sex. Dianah Nabatanzi to ladies

Man Jose Kayima

BBS Terefayina Presenter Dianah Nabatanzi has urged ladies to always clean their men immediately after sex.

“After finishing, when you see that the man is lazy/weak, find a way to help him. Because some men after getting used to that [getting cleaned by their women], never take the initiative to help themselves.”

“Even if you haven’t made it a habit to clean him but you know that after having sex he doesn’t clean himself, it’s your responsibility to clean him because in the morning he will wake up to have sex with you because of morning glory.”

“Organize your person and some don’t care whether they slept with bad odor, and he wakes up to smooch you.” Nabantazi stated in a TikTok video from Kasukaali, a relationship and dating program she co-hosts with Haffy Powers and Hasifah Karungi on BBS TV.

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