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Upcoming artist accuses Eddy Yawe of giving out her song after she denied him sompyo

Nakibuule Bonita

Accusations by female artists of certain producers refusing to release their songs from studio after the former refuses to give into the latter’s sexual demands are not new to this industry.

A few years ago renown music producer and artist Andrew Ojambo aka Dady Andre was accused of sexual harassment by a number of upcoming female artist.


Similarly, a one Sumayya Sheeba an upcoming artist who was at the time based in Denmark has come out to accuse producer and musician Eddy Yawe of giving out a song she did with him to another artist.

She claims the reason for Yawe’s actions stem from the fact that she refused to give into his sexual demands and yet she had met all the financial obligations on her part.

“I met with Mr Yawe in 2017 in Denmark and he told me that he wanted to do a song with me. After one year he sent me the song and we went to studio which I paid for and did a song called Akaloosa”

He later told me to come back to Uganda and we redo the song which I did. I even paid for the video which we shot in Uganda but he never released the song.

What surprised me was seeing the same song out with another artist featuring. It the same song and it even has my vocals as backup.

“What I want from Mr Yawe is for him to release the song I paid for or refund my financial contribution, also the song you gave out has my contribution so I want my royalties from it” said Sumayya in a video on her social media account.

Eddy Yawe was out of the country but he promised to respond to the allegations when he gets back when contacted by BBS TV that run the story.

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