Barbie Kyagulanyi is the reason why my son is at School. Ashraf Kasirye

Man Jose Kayima

Ashraf Kasirye will never forget the morning of 27th December, 2020 when he nearer lost his life during the 2021 Presidential campaigns.

Kasirye who followed National Unity Platform Principal Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu during the campaigns was hit by one of the bullets while in Masaka.

Since then he has never been the same, during an interview with BBS Terefayina, Kasirye thanked Babra Itungo Kyagulanyi for paying school fees for his elder son.

“Many people have helped me a lot since the Masaka incident, but I take this opportunity to thank Barbie. She is the reason why my elder son is at School. I actually named my little child Itungo.” Since then incident in Masaka have never been the same, I have to put on an helmet to protect my head as I wait for the second operation.”

God is the reason why I am still alive.” Said Kasirye.

Meanwhile after watching the interview, Barbie thanked particular individuals via her Facebook page who have stood with the families of those who were affected during the campaigns. She thanked a lady who she only revealed as Sylvia for paying school fees for Kasirye’s child.

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