Misagga urges public figures to promote local teams instead of European clubs

Man Jose Kayima

SC Villa Vice President in charge of mobilization and fans affairs Eng.Immanuel Ben Misagga has urged opinion leaders in the country to always promote local sport instead of foreign sport.

“Oftentimes we get buried in our emotions when it comes to sport, especially football. You may have noted that in recent months, several public figures have come out to show their support for particular teams on social media.”

“Right from my friends Dr Kizza Besigye to East African Community Affairs minister Rebecca Kadaga, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Ramathan Ggoobi, and many others, they speak the same language when it comes to football support. Indeed, their taunts can sometimes be captivating.”

“Unfortunately, despite their good intentions, most of this football banter is centred around European football, especially the English Premier League.”

“This is where I have an issue to grind. Well, I have no problem with their support for foreign teams, but it is the failure to promote local teams that baffles me. It is a given that followers of these high-profile figures often associate with and get hooked on what their idols post on social media. So, when these public figures concentrate on foreign teams, that’s where their supporters will also go.”

“The bottom line is that football is a business first, then entertainment. When your effort subconsciously promotes European football, don’t expect domestic football to grow.

On why his grandpa chose to support Express instead of Coventry

“My grandfather Josep Muguluma went to Europe in 1929. He watched a football game involving Coventry City FC.

“When I asked him why he was supporting Express FC, not Coventry City FC, he responded: “Nali Mwami Wa Kabaka” translated as I was Kabaka’s subject. This means that he was an opinion leader who had to reflect on what was at home.”

Praises Nandala Mafabi

“So, I beamed with joy last week when I heard that MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi broke away from the trend to foot the salaries for Mbale Heroes for the entire upcoming season. It is no mean feat because he will have to part with not less than Shs20m per month.” Stated Misagga

“Selfless people like Nandala are rare in Ugandan football and his gesture will not only cause a positive impact on the team but also on everyone associated with it.”

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