Step-daughter sues NRM Women’s League Chairperson over access to father’s burial site

Man Jose Kayima

The step-daughter has sued National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Women’s League, Ms Lydia Wanyoto over burial site.

Wanyoto is sued for allegedly denying the step daughter
Florence Wanyenze Mutende access to her late father’s grave yard and welfare.

Wanyenze Mutende, 11, suing through her next of friend, Ms Jackline Nabulo, yesterday, contended that Ms Wanyoto applied for letters of administration of the estate of her late father, James Shinyabulo Mutende, but she has allegedly not taken care of her.

Since the death of Mutende on October 3, 2015 and subsequent burial on October 10, the defendant (Ms Wanyoto) has continuously blocked the plaintiff (step-daughter) and other close relatives of the late James from freely accessing the grave to conduct prayers, mourning and other cultural , religious, spiritual and social functions to obtain relief from grief in violation of their rights enshrined in Articles 29 (1)c, 29 (1), 37 and 45 of the Constitution.”

The step daughter also accuses Wanyoto of ignoring her welfare and using it just for the benefit of her biological children

“Since then, the defendant has ignored the welfare of the plaintiff, whilst applying the property, income and proceeds of the estate of the late Mutende exclusively to herself and probably her biological children,” the step-daughter avers. She adds that owing to the conduct of her step-mother, she has suffered loss and injury, for which she holds Ms Wanyoto liable.

Wanyenze wants the Court to order the break down of the boundary wall at the burial place in Mafudhu, Sironko District where her late father was buried.

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