Badru Kiggundu reveals why Besigye failed to become President

Man Jose Kayima

Former chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda, Eng.Badru Malimbo Kiggundu has revealed that Dr.Kizza Besigye told him that he was the reason why he didn’t become president.

Kiggundu stated that he met Besigye by accident since he had gone to meet former leader of Opposition Ogenga Latigo whom he had an appointment with at Parliament.

“I met Besigye by accident since I had an appointment with the leader of Opposition by then Latigo who had just survived a nasty accident. I went to his office at Parliament but I found there Besigye.” I approached him at the desk and said Good morning, he looked at me and said Dr. Kiggundu you are a bad man, you denied me the opportunity to become president.”

“In reply,  I told him that it’s yourself, the way you behave and you are very tough.” He however didn’t shake hands with me.” Kiggundu said on one of the YouTube interviews

Kiggundu served as the chairman of the Electoral Commission of Uganda, for 14 consecutive years from 2002 to 2016.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the board of directors of National Water and Sewerage Corporation. He was appointed to that position on 20 July 2020, replacing Christopher Ebal, whose contract expired.

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