Ben Misagga reveals what Nicholas Kasozi did with the sign on fees Villa paid him

Man Jose Kayima

SC Villa Vice President in charge of mobilization and fans affairs Eng.Ben Immanuel Ben Misagga has revealed the reason why he no longer wants big name players

Misagga also stated that when Nicholas Kasozi bought a Boda Boda during his time at SC Villa he missed some games since he wanted to ride it himself in Masaka

“We bought Kasozi since he was a brand in Masaka and his family members could come to watch our games.” When he bought a Boda Boda, Kasozi missed some of our games in Kampala since he wanted to ride it himself.”


“So we should not look at big name players, we need to build a strong young team of passionate players.” Said Misagga during the SC Villa fans branch coordinators training at Wankulukuku on Wednesday.

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