Students can entertain themselves instead skimpily dressed artists, Minister Peace Mutuuzo


Last month the Ministry of education and sports put a temporary ban on schools hosting performing artists unti guidelines had been put in place.

This followed a number of concerns on how a section of artists were conducting themselves in front of school going children.

Asked about the same issue, the minister of state for gender and culture Peace Mutuuzo reiterated the previous position and even offered alternative solutions.

“We have got to teach these students how to sing, they can even entertain themselves. We don’t want to kill the talent of the students in schools.”

“When we were in school we used to do these things so why are we killing the children’s talents.”

We shall put guidelines to help the secular artists because there are some artist who have nothing educative to offer to the students in their songs.

Artists also have their own space where they can organize shows and students can come but when guidelines are followed.

There was an overnight from our side, we were supposed to send the teachers the proper guidelines. We shall sit and decide which kind of entertainment is appropriate for young children.

Some of these songs have particular messages that can mislead a child, for example if you come and show your private parts to an adolescent this can be detrimental to his development. Said Mutuuzo while answering questions from the media.

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