FDC chairman Wasswa Birigwa reveals Party is broke

Man Jose Kayima

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) chairman Wasswa Birigwa says that the current economic crisis has affected the party.

During an interview on NBS TV, Birigwa stated that they are also broke as a party and they have decided to cut their annual budget.

“Everyone is broke in the country and this as also affected us as a party as well. We get majority of our money from individuals but they have also been hindered by the economic crisis in the country. It’s difficult to get money nowadays, so we are also affected.”

“We have decided to cut our budget and we have failed to continue with some of the programs of the party.”

Birigwa dismissed rumours that they are wrangles within the party

“We don’t have any wrangles as leaders in the party. We work together for the good of our party.” Said Birigwa.

FDC is set to welcome new and returning members at a function slated for next month.

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