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I am the rapper that makes the most sensible music in Uganda, Victor Kamenyo

Ssenkoto Joram

Artist Derrick Katongole aka Victor Kamenyo has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons this week. He appeared in a video having a scuffle with his girlfriend.

In an effort to create some positive energy and suppress the negative energy that came with the leaked video, the silina Malala singer has come out to claim he is the rapper that makes the most sensible music in the country!

Asked about his past beef with fellow artist Gravity Omutujju, Kamenyo said there has never been any beef between the two.

“People just misunderstand us, we are two different people, you can see it from the music we make, I released Silina malala for him he released bijanjalo, when I released baligabana for him now he has released Nyama.”

All his songs he basically sings about nva (sauce dishes), he has bijanjalo, nva, mbuuzi zakutude. He is now remaining with a cow and a rabbit to sing about. Said Kamenyo in an interview on Kasuku live.

The two have in the past also held concerts on the same day which both were successful but this time round they chose different dates. Gravity will be live in concert at Lugogo cricket oval on 1st October then Kamenyo a week later on independence day 9th October.

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