Police hunting top MP over Shs340m debt

Man Jose Kayima

The deputy registrar of the High Court Commercial Division Juliet Hatanga has issued an arrest warrant against Kween County Member of Parliament William Chemonges.

Chemonges is the run over Shs340m debt.

Hatanga also appointed Court Bailiff Simon Peter Ochieng to execute the warrant of the arrest of Chemonges who failed to appear before court on 16th September, 2022.

“The last time the matter was adjourned, the parties were all present yet Court has not received any communication from the debtor nor his lawyer. Therefore, Chemonges has failed to show cause why execution should not be issued against him,” Said Hatanga.

The arrest warrant followed submissions from counsel Justine Akineza who represented the applicants Mable Tumuheise and Justus Bagamuhunda who sued the legislator over breach of contract.

Akineza told Court that Chemonges abused the 10 days given him by the presiding deputy registrar to negotiate the matter before Court gives its final ruling.

Chemonges through his company Wiljon Estate Limited were contracted by the applicants to construct for then apartments on their land on Kyadondo Block 223, plot 1667 at Nabwoojo, Namugongo in Wakiso District.

Chemonges’ company was to accomplish the apartment within seven months but failed to fulfill and requested for an extension of three more months.

Both parties signed another agreement showing that the defendant had to complete the entire construction within the additional months otherwise the contract will be terminated.

The applicants added that the defendant still failed and even failed to fit floor tiles in the apartments which resulted in a suit against him.

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