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Promoters that fell for Pallaso’s exorbitant price tag did not make a single coin, promoter Balunywa


Weeks back this website wrote about artist Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso who had set a fixed price of 15M for anyone that wished to hire his services.

In an effort to try to curb Pallaso’s skyrocketing charges, music promoters under their umbrella body headed by Abbey Musinguzi (Abitex) came out to protest and boycott Pallaso.

The move did not work because a certain music promoter who did not subscribe to their association was already partnering with Pallaso.

Nobert Events is the promoter that did not see any problem in paying Pallaso his set price tag. Pallaso indeed had a number of upcountry shows all organized by Nobert events.

Talking about concert promotion business on YouTube channel Extradigest Mugobansonga promoter Juma Balunywa revealed that their is no single promoter that paid Pallaso his high price that made a single coin.

He singled out Nobert events in particular who he said came into the business thinking it was profitable without making proper research.

“All those promoters that worked with Pallaso with his high prices came out without any profit.”

“Norbert event called me and he told me he did not get any profit from the shows he organized for Pallaso. I have him on record and you can even call him to verify what I am saying.”

Said Balunywa

Juma Balunywa is the spokesperson of the Uganda music promoters association which like mentioned earlier is headed by Abbey Musinguzi as president.

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