We shall not accept the stupidity of any other lockdown, Joseph Kabuleta

Namutebi Sofia

Former presidental aspirant Joseph Kabuleta has advised the ministry of health and government not to think about lock down due to the out break of Ebola.

Kabuleta was addressing media in a press conference held by the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED),

” The government should not think about another lock down it is six months that we got out from Covid-19 what they should do is thinking of how to control the spread instead ”

“If the country is put under lockdown we will register more deaths not caused by Ebola.”

“Those who enjoyed driving and enjoying the city without traffic jam want to go back to that life and above all their target is chewing the tax payers money.” Kabuleta added

The ministry of health has so far confirmed 34 victims of Ebola in the country and four deaths.

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