I don’t eat rice because I am not an Indian. Museveni

Man Jose Kayima

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed that he does not eat rice and bread since he is indigenous.

During his presidential address on the outbreak of Ebola, Museveni also assured the nation that they will overcome the disease.

“I don’t eat rice because I am not an Indian. I don’t eat bread because I am not European. I am indigenous. I saw Monitor laughing at me that how can you talk about eating cassava. But this monitor. God is there.”

Museveni has assured that nation that government has the capacity to overcome Ebola

“I want to assure you that government has capacity to control this Ebola outbreak as we have done before. Therefore, there’s no need for restrictions or closure of public places like schools and markets.” Said Museveni.

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