No sex for three months. Scientists tell Ebola Survivors

Man Jose Kayima

Scientists have stated that Ebola survivors will have to wait for three months to have sex.

Ebola survivors have been told if they can’t abstain they should use condoms as one the preventive ways to curb spread of the disease

“Before returning home, Ebola patients will have their blood tested in the laboratory to ensure the virus is no longer in their body. However, people who have recovered from the illness should not have sex for at least three months unless they use condoms.”Reads part of the Ministry of Health’s advisory.

According to Dr. Ataro Ayella says, Ebola can be transmitted sexually and the virus can stay in the semen for up to three months.

This means that the transmission can occur even if the survivor has no symptoms of the disease.

“Besides having got cured of the disease, a relapse or reinfection could occur… The reinfection depends on the immunity of the person and other co-existing diseases.”

“The nature of the virus gives it ability to survive for long in reserves in the body (brain, spinal fluid, semen, placenta and eyes) even when the patient is declared cured…The virus can be stored alive in the semen for long since it is conducive environment for its survival, unlike other body fluids.” Said Ayella as quoted by Daily Monitor

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