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Lwasa on why he is visiting family of his new catch Vanessa

Namutebi Sofia

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has outlined some of the reasons why he will be visiting the family of his new catch Vanessa on Sunday.

One of the reasons is Vanessa being his best friend with whom they share everything.

Lwasa also does not mind the money he spends on women provided he is respected and valued as the man of the house.

Thirdly Lwasa says he can never stay with a woman in his life without the acknowledgement of his laws after all the his accounts for functions are always fully loaded.

The controversial businessman believes the only respect a woman can get is the husband visiting parents and he never minds if Vannesa is a slay queen.

It is the love and material things she gives to women that they keep falling for him.

Angel Kwakunda and Lwasa bitterly separated in early March after Angel releasing his husband’s sexual videos and nudes.

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