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Accept imprisonment if you stole the money. Bad Black tells Sipapa

Namutebi Sofia

Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black has advised fellow socialiate Charles Olim not to appeal if it true he stole Jacob Arok a South Sudanese international,

“All of you are asking me why I have not yet gone to visit Sipapa you very know I am a certified thief who was even imprisoned for two good years what if I go to visit him and those I stole from arrest me.”

“Despite a stupid thief my only advise to Sipapa is if it’s true he stole the money let him serve the punishment he will come back and enjoy after all he is treated well the last time I saw him he had even started gaining weight let him only appeal if he knows he is innocent.” Bad Black added

Sipapa was arrested on allegations of stealing over 1.6 billion shillings from Ajok’s residence in Kawuku Bunga on the 28th of August-2022.

They also went away with four iphones, apple laptops, a Samsung TV and gold jewellery for Arok’s wife

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