I regret meeting President Museveni. Tamale Mirundi

Man Jose Kayima

Political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi Senior has revealed that he regrets meeting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Mirundi also says that his Political career was ruined on the day he met the President

“I know Museveni cannot helped because there’s a palace battle. That’s why I regret the day I met Museveni and by the way I had refused. Whenever I get problems at home I curse Amelia Kyambadde because she kept me in Rwakitula for three days and that’s when i met Museveni. I asked him money so that I expand my Newspaper and he refused.”

“I ended up destroying my career, i had a very properous career and I was more intelligent than the likes of Nambooze and Muwanga Kivumbi.” Said Mirundi while appearing on his son’s official Facebook account.

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