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Gravity reveals why he is not Bebe Cool’s fan

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Gravity Omutujju has revealed that he is not a fan of singer Bebe Cool and can order fans to boycott music shows organized by the Gagamel President.

Following his successful concert over the weekend, Gravity has also stated that he won’t apologize to veteran musicians Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon for his statements.

Gravity said that he is currently better than the trio since he has had four successful concerts at Cricket Oval.

“I am not Bebe Cool’s fan but I know some of his songs though I am not a fan of his. I can even order the fans not to attend his concerts.”

On why he will not apologize

“I will not apologize for what I said that I am currently biggest artiste in the country. I have had Cricket Oval sell out for four times which neither of Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Chameleon have done.” I know they are friends and they should know that I now better than them.” That’s the truth so why should I apologize to them.” Said Gravity.

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