Maama Fina explains why she will go to heaven


Sylivia Namutebi aka Maama Fina believes it will not be a surprise seeing herself smiling with angels in heaven since she has greatly worked for it.

Maama Fina who is currently footing the bills for Ronald Alimpa the Lusuku Lwa Cement hit maker has hopes of rejoicing in heaven despite being a traditional healer,

“I was surprised that all musicians only raised shs.100000/= for Alimpa and I felt sorry for the young boy, I knew he had no one to run too so I took over.”

“I won’t say how much I have spent but I believe you know how treatment is expensive I promise to do all it takes to see him walk again.”

“I always tell people to greatly work for heaven while still on earth it will surprise you seeing me with angels ahead of Bugingo but I believe I have worked for it.”

Maama Fina has always come out and bailed people in need.

Alimpa was involved in a nasty accident on Semuto road that claimed Lady Grace’s life.

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