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Kusasira regrets joining Politics

Man Jose Kayima

Musician Catherine Kusasira has revealed that she regrets joining politics since it has ruined her music career.

While appearing on NTV Mwasuze Mutya program on Friday, Kusasira a staunch NRM supporter said that she has lost a lot due to her political party.

“Everytime I face hardships then I regret to some extend why I joined politics because I have surely lost a lot. My music career went to drain at some point since fans threw bottles at me on stage where I went to perform, I was sent off a burial ceremony at some point just because of my political party.”

Kusasira faces losing her house in Makindye has called upon the President to come and bail her out

“I call upon the President to come and bail me out. I know there are very many people in the NRM that feel bad, they don’t want me to meet the President.” Said Kusasira

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