Museveni appoints Tandekwiire as Senior Presidential advisor on cattle

Man Jose Kayima

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed Dr. Nassan Tandekwiire as the Senior Presidential Advisor on indigenous cattle.

The development was confirmed in a letter dated July 31st

Tandekwiire will be earning Shs15M per month

“I appoint Dr.Nassan Tandekwiire as my senior Presidential Advisor on indigenous cattle with a personal salary of 15 million. Reads part of the letter.

Letter from President Museveni

In the same letter Museveni was excited to know that the Qataris were to make a visit to his Kisozi farm.

Following the development, many Ugandans have attacked the President including strong opposition pillars Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu and Dr.Kizza Besigye

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