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Mama Fina sides with musician Nduga in Alimpa Money scandal

Man Jose Kayima

Sylvia Namutebi aka Mama Fina sides with singer Hassan Nduga in Ronald Alimpa money Scandal.

According to Mama Fina she only gave Nduga Shs1M and Shs2m to the family of Alimpa.

Mama Fina says that anyone calling for accountability from Alimpa should ask Alimpa’s family.

For the last few days the family of Alimpa has been accusing Nduga for being money greedy.

“I gave Shs2m to Alimpa’s mother which was specifically for him. I also gave Nduga Shs1M and in fact he only wanted Shs300,000 to top on the Shs100k that he had. So anyone asking for accountability from him is not fear enough, they should ask Alimpa’s family instead.” Said Mama Fina in an interview on Spark TV


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