Pastor Bugingo sends special message to his haters

Nakibuule Bonita

House of prayer and Salt Media director Pastor Aloysius Bugingo the vocal man of God recently held a successful prayer night at the Kololo air strip which he called the Independence night.

Pastor Bugingo is known for his thick skin and no push over character. He responds to all bad talk directed to him with the same deserved energy.

He recently said on an interview with YouTube channel Kasuku live that all those that attack him are actually his most ardent listeners because that’s how they manage to get what to talk about from my teachings.

“Those that appear to attack me are strong believers in my teaching, if they didn’t believe in me then they wouldn’t be against what I do?”

“There attacks mean that what I do is impactful, what shows that a stone has reached the beehive is the bees becoming rowdy, they can’t be rowdy if the stone doesn’t get to them.”

These people criticize me because they listen to me everyday. My friend may fail to listen to me one day but this person has to make sure he misses nothing, even when they are caught up, they will record the teaching.

About his teachings mostly being about social life and motivational as opposed to Biblical verses, Bugingo said that who ever says this must be following the short clips that make rounds on social media. He said he can’t leave the pulpit without reading about 10 Bible verses.

“I read the Bible but it is useless to preach 200 Bible verses and they are not understood, the problem is reading and teaching about heaven to people who are here on earth.”

“The Bible teaching has to be related to social life so that the congregation achieve growth in all aspects of life.”

“Even Jesus in his teachings if you followed him carefully, his teachings and examples where earthly rand human. Look at all those parables he used, they related to human life and that’s what I also do”

Bugingo concluded by insisting that he is his own PRO and he doesn’t have the philosophy of keeping quiet when you attack him, he has to respond but after much thought on how to respond.

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