Gravity eats own words, denies attacking legends


Rapper Gravity Omutujju has stated that some Journalists misquoted his statements about legendary musicians Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleon.

During a press briefing he held today, Gravity said that some journalists and bloggers abused him

“Journalists misquoted me, I only made my own list just like any other person can do. It was just my own opinion. Some Journalists only want fights within the industry. There will be a time when I am not singing, I might be dead but if what am saying is the truth people will come to understand it in future. The three Musicians I talked about have a huge fan base that I also want to share.”

A tearful Gravity also went ahead to reveal that people attacked his family

“I have three kids and people abused me just for misquoting me. Some people don’t know how have hustled, Kayz attacked me that my music is bad but do know how much invest. I take care of family from my mother.” Said Gravity

Gravity alongside Journalists Ibra Mukasa and Dj Nimrod have called upon legendary musicians and veteran Journalists to always empower others instead of attacking.

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