President issues stern warning to notorious family of Ebola victims


Pastors, traditional healers, and witch doctors also advised to desist from trying to handle people with Ebola symptoms

Last month on 20th September, Ugandan health authorities confirmed and declared an Ebola outbreak caused by the Sudan virus and since that time the government health workers have been doing their best to contain the deadly disease.

Yesterday president Museveni addressed the nation and gave an update on the Ebola situation in the country. According to the president’s address, there has been 54 confirmed cases and 19 confirmed deaths so far.

The president then put much emphasis on a certain extended family from Mubende district that has had Ebola cases and contacts but has deliberately refused to follow the ministry of health guidelines.

A one Twagiira Yezu Ndahiiro 49, aka Kakono was a listed contact in the previous presidential address. He escaped from his home in Kanseera village and traveled to Luweero to get treatment from a traditional healer.

Twagiira happens to be a brother to 18 year old Nzairwa Cleophas who died during a surgical procedure on 18th September, 2022, at Mubende Hospital.

His condition later detonated and his family transferred him to Kirudu hospital where he died. He and the family had also given health’s workers at Kirudu wrong names to avoid the connection to the Ebola disease.

The president said that he had been told that this same family of Twagiira had recently on 1st October hijacked a dead body of a confirmed EVD case and preformed traditional burial rituals in total disregard of SOP’s for managing dead bodies of confirmed cases.

The same notorious family was also hiding a confirmed Ebola case called Katushabe Emmanuel 49 year old male who died on 10th October 2022, shortly before they were rounded off.

It’s on this background that Museveni warned and directed this notorious family to cooperate with the district officials and health workers.

He also told them to stop moving around seeking treatment from witch doctors but was happy most of them were now in quarantine. He advised those that were still in hiding to come out for close observation.

The president also told traditional healers and witch doctors not to accept sick people in their shrines but instead inform them to call health workers.

In the same vein, religious leaders were told not to accept sick people with symptoms of Ebola who come seeking for healing prayers because when they touch them, they will contract the deadly disease.

The president concluded the address by appealing to everyone to remain calm and follow guidance from health workers and gave assurance that the country has the capacity to control the Ebola epidemic.

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