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Video: Dj Nimrod attacks Journalist Eddie Sendi

Man Jose Kayima

Galaxy FM Presenter Dj Nimrod says veteran Journalist Edward Sendi should retire from the profession and focus on other things.

Eddie Sendi (Photo/Courtesy)

Nimrod stated that Sendi has no moral authority to talk about music since this is a new generation.

“Veteran Journalists like Sendi should retire, they have no moral authority to talk about music nowadays.”

“He is past his generation this is a generation for the young ones like us. Let him stay with his fellow legends and defend them as well. Producers, Djs, artistes have changed let him stay with his opinion. He should leave the business to us.”
Said while at a press briefing that was organized by Gravity Omutujju on Thursday.


Spark TV’s Ibra Mukasa also added,

“We should not force veteran Journalists into retirement but personally I believe they should empower the upcoming journalists.” Nowadays, everyone thinks is a Journalist since he or she can open the mouth and attack others.” Said Mukasa

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