Imam Kasozi makes bold prediction about Gen Muhoozi aspirations (TEARS)

Nakibuule Bonita

It’s now a public secret that the Muhoozi project is right on track and it looks like there is no turning back.

The first son recently got promoted from the rank of Lieutenant General to the rank of General by the Commander in chief and this got the public talking like expected.

His recent tweets of him sayin he would beat all the opposition in an election when his father is gone because he is more loved by the population all point to one thing, presidential aspirations!

Moslem cleric and political analyst Imam Kasozi had some interesting remarks on the Muhoozi promotion, presidential aspirations and what lies ahead for him in his alleged ambitions of replacing his father as president.

Appearing on YouTube channel Kasuku live, Imam Kasozi said that unless Muhoozi is given chance in 2026 by his father to take over after the later has been endorsed as a sole candidate, it will not be possible for him to take the top office there after.

“In Africa many first sons have wanted to succeed their fathers as president but many have failed. Those that have tried and succeeded by use of force things did not go well for them, the likes of Gabon, Togo and many others.

“If the plan is for Muhoozi to take over in 2031, then that plan will not succeed. If they really want him to become the next president then maybe his father will relinquish power to him in 2026 after he has been endorsed as sole candidate then he says he is stepping aside for Muhoozi.”

“But the president Museveni I know can not relinquish power to anyone when he is still alive, I have followed him for long and he just can’t do it, that said, if he doesn’t hand over to Muhoozi in 2026, don’t expect a Muhoozi presidency there after, he will not be president.”

“I will either be alive or dead but those that will be alive that time will recall this and the beauty with this kind of information you are recording is that it can not be erased.”

At least there will be someone who will remember these words and retrieve the video for it to go viral like I see many trending videos these days. Said Imam Kasozi

In summary, Imam Kasozi said it’s either 2026 for Muhoozi or else it will end in TEARS….!!! But remember Imam also stressed that President can’t relinquish power to anyone when still alive, so, TEARS IT WILL BE.

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