VIDEO: S.4 students fire warning to married women, “We are coming for your men”


In a trending video on social media, three S4 students have sent an outrageous warning to married women soon after their final UCE exams.

The three light skinned students say they are prettier than the married women and will be favorites to snatch their husbands.

” Hey you married women, we are done (with our studies), anytime from now, we are coming for your men. Be warned,” The students said

” Look how beautiful we are, we are surely taking your men.” They jointly added.

This is the second time, students are trending in such a video with first one having been a one Katrina Kakomo of Lubiri SS early this year.

Kakomo was however forced to apologize to her school and parents following a huge backlash from the general public.

The UCE Exams officially started this Monday 17th October and will end on November 18th.

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