Kabuleta makes shocking revelations on Ebola situation in the country


National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) party president Joseph Kabuleta is a man who doesn’t mince his words and he was at it again early this week at his party’s weekly press conference.

Kabuleta had earlier this month warned that government was planning to enforce fresh lockdowns based on Ebola outbreak in parts of the country something the authorities said wouldn’t be happening.

They insisted at the time that Ebola was not spread the same way as Covid. Well, we now all know that days ago the president locked down Mubende and Kassanda districts just like Kabuleta had warned.

“The purpose of the lockdowns is to force people to get vaccinated with a trial Ebola vaccine and we have already started receiving free trial Ebola vaccines and they are coming with money for these people to eat if they can force these vaccines into your body”

“Only God knows what will happen to you after three or four months down the road, as I warned you about Covid now people are dropping dead, it’s no longer hidden news, it’s all over even top news channels are now covering it, strange sicknesses causing the death of people who were vaccinated.”

“They even came up with malaria vaccines but we have had malaria for 100 years and nobody has talked of a vaccine until now when everybody wants vaccines in our bodies.”

And they are calling them trial vaccines, but the only way they are going to convince people to take trial vaccines is by forcing you locked in your house and say they will open you up when accept to be vaccinated so that you have a choice to die now or six months later but either way you die.

“Now they are coming up with fake numbers like they did with Covid and say numbers are rising so we are locking you in your houses”

So now the people in Mubende have been locked in their houses in the midday sun but the gold mines in Mubende are open, I think Ebola fears gold, the rest of Mubende and Kassanda are locked except the gold mines!

“Ugandans, when do we ever stand up and say enough is enough, at what stage do we do that?”

Kabuleta also talked about the recently signed computer misuse (amendment) act 2022 by the president and said it would not stop him and his NEED party from talking like they have been doing.

“There is absolutely nothing that I am going to do any different because of that stupid law, nothing, if they want to put me in a cell for 5 years, no problem I only hope I am in the same cell as Muhoozi who is starting wars with his tweeter account”

“At least for me I am not starting wars with friendly neighbors, we are not going to be coiled by stupid laws like that, we have a country to care about and we are going to continue using our social media handles the way we think they should be used. If they want to arrest Kabuleta, let them come” said a furious Kabuleta.

Kabuleta is a politician and former sports Journalist who also heads the watchman ministries where he is the lead pastor.

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