Muhoozi is not structured. Mathias Mpuuga

Man Jose Kayima

The Leader of Opposition Hon.Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba says that Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is not structured and is a spoilt general.

“Muhoozi is not structured, is some spoilt General allover the place, assuming that succeeding his father was a grand scheme why would he everywhere making noise.”

Are you sure if what he is doing was done by other military Generals would they be still occupying the same office or being promoted.”

Mpuuga adds that Muhoozi is just a diversion from the real issues affecting the country

“He is a diversion from the real issue affecting the country. I challenge Muhoozi to remove the army uniform and descend to trenches fro political contest. Then, he can prove himself a man. At the moment, I don’t think his entry is consequential.” Stated Mpuuga while on NBS TV

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