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Yung Mulo reveals reason behind his Baby Ndunya song

Man Jose Kayima

Yung Mulo has revealed the reasons behind his newly released song Baby Ndunya.

In the song, Mulo attacked Gravity Omutujju for being disrespectful to legendary musicians especially Bobi Wine

“Disrespecting Fadha (Bobi Wine) is the reason I released the song. Many people have attacked Fadha but they are not fellow musicians like Gravity.”

“It’s okay for him to attack other musicians but comparing yourself to Bobi Wine is an insult.”

Mulo added,

“Bobi Wine is no longer on the level of a musician and once you disrespect, it means you’re disrespecting us as well. So that’s why I sent my message to him through the song since the legends are our bosses.” Said Mulo of his new song.

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