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Diamond Oscar narrates how his ka 15k turned into 2.8M during Covid lockdown hard times

Nalule Bonita

Team no sleep (TNS) artist Mbabali Oscar aka Diamond Oscar aka bling bling Master the super star and Amina singer is one of those artists that have been in the industry for quite some time and hence with a story to tell.

The not so famous artist responded to a number of questions when he was hosted on YouTube channel extra digest mugobansonga last week.

Asked when he last went to church to pray, Oscar revealed that it was back then during the Covid lockdown. This was a time when he was going through hardships like most musicians since their business was completely on hold.

“The last time I went to church was during the worst part of the Covid lockdown. I was going through very hard times so I went to church and God answered my prayers”

“The truth is that God did for me a miracle when I went to church, i was in church with some white priest, just the two of us at Andrew Kagwa church in Munyonyo”

I walked to church because there were no cars moving at the time, I got there knelt down and told God, it’s you that created me but now I am on the wall, I have worked for this name for years but if it’s your wish that it all crushes in shame go ahead but I have come to pray to you and let you know that I am in a bad situation.

“After praying for about 45 minutes, I went and had lunch at Hajati’s place in Munyonyo. After eating, a friend of mine came and said hi to me and then gave me 20,000 Shs”

“The devil is very tempting, I got the 20k he gave me and went to a mobile money agent and deposited 15k on my account and remained with 5k.”

“At that time there were very few leagues to bet on but there was a certain league that was going on so I placed a bet of my 15k on 6 overs and I won 2.8M. God really does miracles. I got the money and settled all the debts I had”

I even paid my landlord who had confiscated my belongings. This is whe I felt relaxed. I again placed another bet and won 800k and used it to move to another place

I sat in the new house and thanked God for doing a miracle for me. I then asked him that what needed from him was a hit song so I am going back to studio to sing music because I am a musician.

From that time I don’t want to lie to you, I have never gone back to church, I am being Frank with you.

Now Mr Mbabali Oscar, what is stopping you from going back to church after testing God’s miraculous power? Are you waiting for another hard time in your life?

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