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My husband Sserugga pumps me well. Kusasira to revellers

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Catherine Kusasira has told her fans in Mukono that the reason why she still has her booty is because her husband Fred Sserugga pumps her well.

Kusasira was performing at Labamba in Mukono on Thursday evening confirmed to revellers that her booty is on origin not made of faco.

“My male fans from Mukono come and testify that my booty is on original. I don’t use faco since my husband Fred Sserugga runs things well and that’s why you see I have my booty.” The fan who is going to have a feel is the one who will confirm to others that I am on original.” Kusasira told her fans in Mukono.

Kusasira has always been making her performances at weeding and introduction ceremonies.

Kusasira is looking for Shs78m to avoid losing her house. For starters, two weeks ago, Cranimer Associates advertised Kusasira’s home in Luwaffu, Makindye, as up for auction.

The property is located on Block 273, Plot 7 Abbas Road in Luwafu, Makindye, and is registered in the name of Fred Serugga, who is also the guarantor.

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