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Journalists Culton Scovia, Hatmah Ssekaaya clash over menstruation holiday

Man Jose Kayima

BBS Terefayina Journalist Culton Scovia Nakamya has called upon employers to at least give female employees a period of three days of menstruation holiday.

Nakamya stated via her Twitter that ladies deserve the three days break from duty.

“I think Employers need to give us a Menstruation Holiday. We need those 3 days(max) off duty every month.”

“Make no mistake, Working with a bleeding body ain’t nice at all. The anger, the mood swings and pain that comes with Menstruation deserves a break from duty.” Stated Nakamya.

Her fellow Journalist Hatimah Nalugwa Ssekaaya told Nakamya to stop encouraging laziness

Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya (Photo/Courtesy)


“Stop encouraging laziness! Plus, we should learn to deal with our mood swing things. Don’t create vulnerability where it ain’t necessary!” Nalugwa replied on Twitter.


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