Video: Watch KCCA FC fan with Morley Byekwaso “Out” placard attacked by fellow supporters

Man Jose Kayima

KCCA FC fans were on Saturday seen attacking fellow club fan who was carrying a Morley Byekwaso Out placard at the Stadium in Lugogo before their 1-0 win over Vipers.

In a video clip the angry fans said that some fans should act maturely and just cheer the club instead of calling for the sacking of coaches.

“The same group of fans called for the sacking of Mike Mutebi and now we started to struggle. We are fed up of some fans who think they love the club more than some of us.”

“Are they sure that if Morley Byekwaso is sacked today, the next coach will automatically win trophies. It’s just a few games in the season and they want the coach to face the sack, we shall not accept that stupidity.” Stated the fans.


After the game, even the fans who were calling for Byekwaso’s sacking were seen in jubilant mood.

Mato Rogers scored the all important goal for the 13 time Uganda Premier league champions who next face Maroons FC at Luzira Prison grounds this Friday.

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