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Chris Evans applauds manager Kayemba Solo

Namutebi Sofia

Chris Evans Kaweesi has appreciated his manager Kayemba Solo for working tirelessly towards the development of his career

Kaweesi who broke down during the Bigenda bitya show hosted by Anatalia Ozil on Sanyuka TV feels disappointed on the many he has helped but have never come out to appreciate his efforts and the hypocrisy in the music industry,

“When I joined this industry I thought we will be working together as partners but I was wrong musicians are not easy you can ask one for a drop but plead for years minus getting one.”

“I always appreciate MP Kayemba Solo he greatly worked hard in seeing me become a better person when I see him in Parliament I feel happy for him.”

“I believe I will be one of the richest people in this industry but I have always used some of my resources to help others but to my surprise very few appreciate what I do for them.” Kaweesi added as he broke down in tears

Kayemba is not only Kaweesi’s manager but also his brother in law since the MPs EX Nalongo Juliet Kasumba is the musicians elder sister.

Chris Evans will hold his Another Lover Bikalubye Concert on Saturday 29th October at Freedom City.

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