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VIDEO: Rema’s hubby Hamza Ssebunya spotted in video with another woman


The biggest question on social media in Uganda today is about the certainty of Rema Namakula and her husband Hamza Ssebunya.

This follows a leaked video involving Hamza and another woman who is yet to be identified by the social media in-laws.

Is it over for Rema Namakula, is she going to get a co-wife, is it ending in tears? among others are some of the questions being asked by the online in-laws.

However sources reveal that Hamza was attending a birthday party of a friend when he was involved in the leaked video.

In fact, the romantic setting in the video fueled the debate and on whether Hamza is ditching Rema for someone else or he is cheating on her.

However sources further say, the woman in the video is a close friend to him which tries to explain their closeness in the video.

Hamza and Rema got married in 2019 and have since then given birth to a girl Aaliyah Ssebunya.

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