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Big Eye explains his meticulous pilawo eating skills next to a mourning Kenzo

Nalule Bonita

Last week on Friday 21st October, the Ugandan music industry woke up to news of the death of musician Eddy Kenzo’s elder brother Mande Hassan Kiwalabye.

The deceased was later laid to rest in Nkoowe on Saturday 22nd October a day after his death. A number of artists joined Kenzo in seeing off his elder brother whose cause of death is still unclear.

Among the many that joined Kenzo was his former Big talent crew member and close friend Big Eye the sula indicator singer.

While at the funeral, a picture that made rounds on social media networks was taken in which Big Eye seems to be enjoying a full plate of Pilawo just next to sobbing Kenzo.

Social media warriors came out to attack and criticize Big Eye for choosing to munch Pilawo next to his mourning colleague instead of consoling him.

Now, in an effort to clarify on what was really going on, Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye took to his Facebook page to explain himself.


“To everyone who is criticizing this photo were i was eating food while Kenzo was crying on our brother Monday’s funeral. Its the time for you to know that its kenzo him self who insisted two times and asked me to eat which its not bad”

“Big Eye soka olye blood” because the next session was gona be for prayers and moving straight to the burial place and it was time for eating were everybody was eating apart from him who wasn’t feeling like eating.

“He knew that i had not eaten yet because am not good at eating and i was there since the day our brother died. And for that i want to thank my brother Eddy Kenzo for always carering about me even when situations are hard. “I love you bro❤” Be strong. RIP Hassan Monday.”
wrote Big Eye.

Sometimes it’s important that one clears the air, we now know that Big Eye was not pilawo hungry but rather he was literally forced to eat bambi.

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