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Bebe Cool inspired me to marrying a light skinned lady. Comedian Salvado

Man Jose Kayima

Comedian Patrick Idringi Salvado has revealed that he was inspired by Bebe Cool to marry a light skinned ki wife.

He also attacked those in the struggle for a better nation stating that his kids will not be fed by the struggle but by money.

Salvado held a successful Africa Laughs season 6 on Friday at the Kololo Airstrip and was much attended by those who subscribe to the Muhoozi Project.

“I was inspired by Bebe Cool to marrying a light skinned wife. He has Zuena who is light skinned and my wife is also light skinned.”

During his interviews, the comedian also said that he does not have an agreement with those in the struggle so he is free to work for any body if it benefits his family

“I am not going to be stupid not to support those who support me. The MK project is where the money is and my kids are not going to feed on the struggle. If you say you support me, why not even tweet about my show. Those of MK have bought tables for my show.” And by the way I don’t have an agreement with those in the struggle so I am free to work with anyone.” Said Salvado

He added that his show is too expensive and no artist can march it in the country

“There’s no musician in the country who can March my show. It is very expensive basing on the things that I want and few musicians can bring four artists from other countries just like have done.”

Musicians such as Azawi, Bebe Cool, Ykee Benda and Janzi Band all entertained revellers at the event.

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