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Diamond Platnumz’s sexuality questioned after piercing nose

Man Jose Kayima

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz has been questioned by his fans for piercing his nose.

Many have questioned the Tanzanian sexuality after he pierced his nose last weekend.

He was in Malawi where he recorded a video of himself with his nose pierced.

This is not the first time that Diamond has been put on spot.

In 2018, he was spotted with an anklet during one of his performances in the USA.

At the time he came out and apologized to his fans and revealed that his enemies were just trying to tarnish his name

“I did not know the anklet was for ladies or male. I saw a beautiful piece and I brought it and never thought it would be an issue. Once they start seeing me being associated with gayism, they might stop following me and that would hurt my brand.”

“Even Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to such stores but he still makes moves with less concerned about his enemies.” Said Diamond at that time.

The Tanzanian superstar is yet to apologize for piercing the nose this time around.

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