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Hilderman to officially open “Wokota” Studios in November

Man Jose Kayima

Singer-turned Politician Hon. Kiyaga Hillary Innocent alias Dr.Hilderman to open a modern recording studio for his constituents in Mawokota North.

The Mawokota North Member of Parliament who is also the Arts Shadow Minister said that studio will help the talented youths overcome the challenges they face while recording their music.

The studio is located at residence in Mpigi Kalagala is slated to be opened in November


“I have been constructing a modern recording studio at my residence in Mpigi Kalagala. I was so challenged meeting transport costs to Kampala, plus looking for expensive recording fees for a good recording studio when I was beginning my musical journey.”

“I promised myself that the next HILDERMAN in Mawokota won’t go through hell to realize a big dream. Very Costly, but worth an investment for the talented ones’ home.”

“Being the Arts Shadow minister I want to be an example to other Colleagues, if we manage to have moderate modern studios, talents undiscovered shall be sheltered. “Content is the next gold”.

Hilderman’s studio set to be opened in November

“Putting final touches and installations. Officially opening in November.” Hilderman wrote on his Facebook page

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