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Ronald Mayinja is satan’s symbol. Claims Bajjo

Man Jose Kayima

Promoter Bajjo has revealed that he would rather rather die than being friends with Ronald Mayinja.

Bajjo says Mayinja is not consistent and that’s why people hate him.

“I regret being Mayinja’s friend and abandoning the side of the people. Those are the two mistakes I regret in my life. I would rather die than being Mayinja’s friend. He is a symbol of Satan, he is not consistent and that’s why both NUP and NRM berets did not fit him.”

I have always advised him on several things but I have now decided to stay away from him.”

Bajjo has also apologized to the National Unity Platform and promised never to abandon the side of the people

“Fellow Ugandans forgive me, I will never abandon the side of the people just like Mayinja.” Said Bajjo during an interview on Sanyuka TV


Mayinja was recently seen subscribing with the MK project group on their various tours around the country

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